The way you take care of your employees says everything about your organization.

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Stuward is an intelligent solution to support organizations to efficiently invest in their employee’s health thus increasing their retention and attractiveness rates in the market.

Stuward’s unique preventive health technology uses a proprietary method of interpreting the employee's health outcomes to build an accurate profile of their state of health. Employers become aware of the unmet employees’ health needs and get insights to discover effective health investments.

A solution for truly healthy organizations

To support healthier behaviours means addressing both physical and mental health at the individual level.

Employers can give employees access to resources and tools to improve their well-being and to learn and understand their physical and mental health profile. Stuward approaches individuals from a holistic point of view that allows them to truly know and act upon their state of health.

Intelligent health management is focused on personalized healthcare and preventive actions

Each person is unique and has specific characteristics. Standard solutions don’t work efficiently on individuals’ actual needs. Stuward’s Preventive Health Algorithms analyze each profile in order to detect potential health issues and actively recommend preventive actions.

Knowing the health of a global workforce is essential for decision-making and effective investments.

Stuward builds accurate organizational profiles using aggregated data. Based on the organizational profile, Stuward generates insights to focus the employer actions where they are needed. Thus, preventing the organization on wasting money on well-being activities or health resources neither needed nor valuable for the employees.

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