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This experience and know-how led us to deeply understand clients’ needs and urges. We believe that the most important components in providing healthcare services are personalization, human-oriented customer care experience, and efficiency towards creating peace of mind. 


Transform organizations into places where employees can be healthy


Give employees information to know, improve and maintain their health



To complement the best technology with empathy and human feelings. Because we work with people.


To make it happen in the best way and with the best use of resources. Because we do not like waste.


To find the easiest way to solve each problem.


To find new solutions combining ideas, facts and thoughts.


To show that our company and our technology reflect what we are as people and professionals.

A dedicated international team determined to shape and improve the future of health.

Several years of experience and a portfolio of challenging projects led to a group of people who are passionate about innovation and impact.
  • Lee Greene

    Co-founder & CEO Lee Greene

    Telehealth Pioneer. Digital Health Innovation Expert. Serial Entrepreneur. Former Director of HealthTech investment & startup acceleration firm. 

  • Belén de Vicente

    Co-founder & President Belén de Vicente

    Engineer plus MBA. Post graduate in Health Management. Management Consultant in Healthcare. Higher Education Director in top Management and Health schools.

  • Rita Júdice

    Shareholder & Legal Advisor Rita Júdice

    Lawyer with broad experience. She structures and negotiates complex agreements and transactions. Partner at PLMJ.

  • João Gamelas, MD, PhD

    Investor & Medical Advisor João Gamelas, MD, PhD

    Medical Doctor with Specialization in Orthopedics. Extensive clinical practice. University professor. Main advisor for Occupational Health in big companies.

  • Pedro Santa Clara, PhD

    Investor & Financial Advisor Pedro Santa Clara, PhD

    Economist and entrepreneur. Finance University professor. Founder and Director of Escola 42. 

  • Phuong Do

    Investor & Business Strategy Advisor Phuong Do

    Serial entrepreneur of tech companies. Managing partner at BTQ Ventures. Start-up’s advisor and accelerator programs’ manager.

  • Nuno Mendes Duarte

    Mental Health Advisor Nuno Mendes Duarte

    Clinical Psychologist with advanced specialty in Psychotherapy. Managing Partner and Clinical Director at Oficina de Psicologia. Author and Corporate Speaker. 

  • Nuno Vasco Lopes

    Investor & Business Strategy Advisor Nuno Vasco Lopes

    Entrepreneur PharmD. Former CEO at Glintt and VP at the National Pharmacy Association in Portugal. Directly responsible for several successful endeavours in pharma and healthcare industries.

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