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    What are the technical requirements for the Stuward Solution?

    To use Stuward you just need to have a web browser on a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) connected to the Internet.

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    How is Data Protection assured?

    Protection of your data is of the utmost importance to Stuward. The system has been designed from the ground up to be secure, private and compliant. For more detailed information please send your request to privacy@stuward.com

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    What type of support services does Stuward offer?

    Stuward provides to employees and individuals guidance to support their care and health needs, to select the most adequate provider, to read their health dashboard outcomes, in general to benefit the most from the system. To employers, we offer guidance to understand the aggregated data and to decide the best actions to address employee needs. You can contact a member of the Customer Care Team at care@stuward.com

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    How can I contact Stuward technical support?

    Please contact support@stuward.com if you need technical support.

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    Does Stuward solution apply to all kinds of organizations?

    Yes, Stuward solution applies to all kinds of organizations of all sizes and all industries that want to improve their employees’ state of health and well-being.

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    Can I become a Stuward partner?

    We are willing to grow our partners' network with innovative and top-notch individuals and organizations that can help us to better support our clients. Please contact us at partnerships@stuward.com

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    Can I use Stuward as an individual?

    Stuward solution was designed and developed with a high focus on organizations’ needs. However, if you do not belong to any organization and you want to use Stuward to improve and maintain your health, we are willing to serve you. Please contact us at care@stuward.com

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    Can I integrate the already existing company health and well-being providers on Stuward?

    Yes, you can integrate your company’s health and well-being providers on Stuward solution. Stuward Health Group works directly with Medical Port which provides physicians, coaches and instructors from several health areas and for diverse purposes. Additionally, companies are free to work with their own providers and integrate their profiles on Stuward platform.

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    How to make a suggestion for Stuward?

    Stuward’s team is always available and pleased to get feedback from users with new suggestions, recommendations or improvement opportunities. Please contact us at care@stuward.com

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