This burden is especially true for mental ill-health and cardiovascular disease, two of the most common health problems in the world.

According to the World Health Organization, mental ill-health costs organizations

€136 billion per year in reduced productivity, including absenteeism.

Cardiovascular disease, meanwhile, costs

€210 billion per year in lost productivity and healthcare expenditure.


The good news is that

80% of chronic diseases can be prevented by simply implementing the correct employee health management system. Additionally, companies have a crucial role in mental health prevention.

This is going to effectively improve the health and well-being of your employees.

And your company improves the capacity to attract and retain talent.

Stuward is an intelligent solution that empowers organizations and employees to solve this problem.

A proprietary method of interpreting the employee's health outcomes to build a more accurate profile of their state of health.

Stuward offers individuals a new way of looking into their health, motivating them to correct their issues and improve their physical and mental health. Stuward translates complex and diverse information into a clear, simple, and accurate health picture as the basis for improvement recommendations..

State-of-art Technology for better interventions in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

The employee receives alerts when potential health issues are detected. Stuward's intelligent technology delivers recommendations such as scheduling a telehealth consultation or participating in an individual or group activity. Employees have the best tools and resources to correct behaviors and promote their health..

Choosing the proper investments based on Stuward Insights

Stuward aggregates anonymous employee data to create an integrated health profile of the organization. The interpretation of this data allows Stuward to offer insights such as the areas of concern regarding physical and mental health outcomes, the combination of more frequent health issues among the workforce, most requested providers and well-being activities, or the usage of individual resources available..
Why an intelligent system like Stuward is so vital for organizations' efficiency and health management

Global workforce
health picture

Global worforce health picture

Anonymous employees' aggregated data avoids wasting money on health programs not used or needed by employees.


Time-saving platform

Stuward eliminates the struggle of managing a complex network of information, providers, and employer-sponsored programs.


Accurate Insights

Employers have the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding the most effective employee health investments.

Global worforce health picture
Time-saving platform
Accurate Insights

When you invest in your employees' health, the organization benefits too.

When employers give employees what they really need in terms of health and well-being, there’s a positive reinforcement in the organization’s culture. Relationships inside the organization become healthier and more pleasant and everyone wins.

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